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Mi-CO9 is the culmination  of years of wishing that there was a radio station that played great great music that we like. The music we're talking about is from the 70's and 80's through to the 90's  Some of us grew up listening to Greg Edwards and Kenny Everett on Capital Radio along with Robbie Vincent, Jeff Young  and the likes of Tony Blackburn on Radio London.

In those days Soul and Dance music never had its own radio station, it had a couple of hours a week or was championed by DJ's who played it on their shows. Also back then, local radio was different, nowadays, it seems a lot of it is syndicated ...then...along came the internet...and now anyone can (with the right licences) start thats what we did! 

CO9 is FOR HALSTEAD...and surrounding areas and although our listeners are as far as Japan and even Australia, we NEVER FORGET that THIS IS A RADIO STATION FOR THE HALSTEAD POSTCODE...hence...the name!

Hope you enjoy the music! 

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